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  • Bring Life to Your Outdoor Space: Color Changing Outdoor Lighting Trends To Expect

    As spring approaches, we're eager to spend more time in our gardens and backyards. However, to fully enhance these spaces, it's best to consider all the elements contributing to their ambiance. Proper lighting is crucial in elevating our outdoor experience, whether hosting a garden party, unwinding under the stars, or entertaining friends and family. With the right lighting, you can create a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes your outdoor space even more appealing.

    The latest color changing outdoor lighting trends offer endless possibilities for creating a stunning and functional outdoor space. Haven Lighting specializes in innovative solutions that help homeowners, commercial clients, and developers transform their outdoor spaces into exceptional showpieces. Let’s spotlight the latest trends in color changing outdoor lighting and see how Haven’s lighting products and services can help you make the most of them.

    LED Strips

    Make Outdoor Spaces More Energy Efficient With Color Changing Outdoor Lighting

    LED lighting has become one of the most popular trends in outdoor lighting. It's no surprise since LED lighting has several advantages over traditional lighting options. One reason for its growing popularity is energy efficiency. LED lights use less energy than traditional lighting, which helps reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. A long lifespan is another reason for this trend. LED lights can last up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

    If you want to add long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting to your outdoor space, Haven Lighting's LED strips are an excellent option. Install the lights under patio covers, along walkways, and around trees. With our mobile app, you can choose from various colors and create stunning light shows with a few taps. Program the lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise to maximize energy efficiency.

    Enjoy Greater Flexibility With Niche Lighting Applications

    Beyond traditional outdoor lighting, niche lighting applications have risen in popularity. With the flexibility of LED lighting and the ability to mount lights in various locations, such as on fences and trees, it's easier to create customized lighting designs.

    One example of a niche lighting application is uplighting. To create dramatic, upward-facing light, place Haven uplights at the base of landscape features like waterfalls and statutes. This technique highlights the natural beauty of trees and plants in your garden or yard. Similarly, moonlighting creates a soft, natural ambiance. You can get this effect by installing down lights up high and directing their light downward, simulating the effect of moonlight filtering through the trees.

    With the flexibility of LED lighting and the ability to mount lights in various locations, the possibilities for niche lighting applications are endless. So whether you want to highlight the natural beauty of your commercial or residential landscape, create a unique and visually striking look, or add depth and texture to a space, Haven’s niche lighting fixtures will help you achieve your desired effect.

    Enjoy Greater Convenience With Smart Lighting

    One of the fastest-growing trends in color changing outdoor lighting is smart lighting. With WiFi control, it's easy to adjust the color and brightness of outdoor lights from your phone or smart device, making it a convenient and flexible option. Besides its convenience, smart lighting also offers increased security features, another reason it's becoming popular.

    9 Series Pro

    Haven Lighting is leading the smart lighting trend with the patent-pending 9 Series Pro landscape lighting interface, featuring advanced technology and an exceptional user experience. With WiFi control and various customizable features, you can turn lights on or off from anywhere, schedule vibrant light shows any day of the week, or program individual light zones to highlight architectural features. The only limit is your imagination!

    Make Your Outdoor Space Unique With Customized Lighting

    Customized lighting is a new color changing outdoor lighting trend gaining popularity among homeowners and landscape designers. With customized lighting, you can create a unique and personalized outdoor lighting design that perfectly suits your style and preferences. This trend is about tailoring outdoor lighting to your specific desires, allowing you to create a unique outdoor space that reflects your personality.

    Besides its extensive range of lighting products, Haven Lighting also offers custom designs and installations, allowing you to work with experts to create a truly unique outdoor lighting design.

    Get Cozy With Fire Feature Lighting

    firepit lighting services

    Fire feature lighting is sweeping the outdoor lighting scene, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in outdoor spaces. This trend turns outdoor features into cozy focal points, from fire pits and bowls to fireplaces and torches.

    Haven Lighting has embraced this trend with firepit lighting services, which use cast aluminum LED accent lights to turn your fire feature into a blazing marvel. With Haven's expert lighting solutions, you can enhance the natural beauty of your fire feature with classic white and full-color LED accent lights, creating a mesmerizing focal point that draws attention and sets the tone for your outdoor space.

    Transform Your Outdoor Space with Color Changing Outdoor Lighting from Haven Lighting

    Color changing outdoor lighting has become a major trend for homeowners, businesses, and developers. Whether you're looking to impress guests, add value to your property, or create a cozy atmosphere, Haven Lighting has the knowledge and products to help you achieve your goals. With our extensive selection of LED lighting, smart lighting, customized lighting, and fire feature lighting, you'll have no shortage of options for maximizing these trends. So take the first step in transforming your property by visiting our website today and discovering the perfect color changing outdoor lighting solution.

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