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  • Be the Warmest House on The Block With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Christmas

    ‘Tis the season to light up your house. ‘Tis definitely not the season to be caught up in a jumble of wires or spend hours stringing up lights along your home’s exterior! There’s a better way to illuminate your house with the warmth of the holidays.

    Smart Christmas lighting from Haven not only makes it easy to illuminate your home but the quality of our lights also surpasses anything else you may have seen.

    Our automated outdoor lighting saves time, is easy to install and operate, doesn't require climbing a ladder, and makes your home look stunning throughout the year. The set-it-and-forget it automated Christmas lights bring you all the joy of Christmas without any trouble.

    Use these lighting ideas to get into the holiday mood and become the warmest, best-lit house on the block.

    Greet Guests With Holiday Path Lighting

    christmas color path lights

    If you invite guests over for a holiday celebration, potluck dinner, or wrapping party, usher them to the door with outdoor lighting. You can use path lights to show friends and family which entrance to use to get them out of the cold faster. If there’s snow or ice in the forecast on the day of your gathering, illuminating walkways with bright lights help guests reach your door with a sure footing.

    With the Haven mobile app, it’s easy to schedule path lights to activate before the festivities and power down when you reach the end of the celebration. You can also program a fun path light show to welcome guests to your festive abode.

    Add Holiday Cheer With Outdoor Lighting

    Put your holiday cheer on dynamic display for all to see with outdoor lighting. With our patent-pending smart landscape lighting transformer, the 9 Series Pro, you can program dazzling light shows that transform your house into a colorful winter playground. Keep things as simple as an array of uplights that bathe the front of your house in a traditional red and green Christmas glow. Or, go big and bold with LED feature lights and well lights that highlight your landscape features, porch, architectural features, and walkways.

    Sparking holiday cheer’s fun and easy with outdoor lighting from Haven. Get creative and program lights to change colors every day, every week, or whenever you wish. Don’t be surprised if you spot your neighbors checking out your home every day to see which light show you’re treating the neighborhood to. With our mobile app’s scheduling abilities, you’ll never leave your lights on longer than you’d like or have to remember to turn them on — it all happens automatically!

    Highlight Decorations With Uplights & Downlights

    red and green christmas color outdoor lights

    Elevate holiday decorations outside your home with outdoor lighting. From holiday wreaths and tree lights to inflated snowmen and giant LED candy canes, every element of your exterior decor receives an instant glow-up when highlighted by landscape lights.

    Uplights and downlights are perfect for accentuating festive holiday displays. Use these light fixtures for landscape lighting techniques that add drama and visual interest. For example, you can aim an uplight beam at a tree strung with lights to create a lighting technique called highlighting. Cover a decoration in a downlight beam for accent lighting to make it more prominent.

    Set the Mood for Party Guests With Fire Pit Lighting

    When the winter weather’s nice, it’s the perfect time to light up your fire pit and invite friends and family over. Fire pit lighting warms the mood further and creates the ultimate hangout spot for you and your guests.

    You can use full-color LED accent lights to complement the flames’ glow with fun holiday colors. Outdoor lighting provides practical lighting that makes your fire pit more visible, so everyone can easily see everything around them.

    Highlight Your Festive Landscape With Outdoor Lighting

    automated christmas lights

    Feature holiday decorations with separate light zones that spotlight different areas of your landscape. Rather than a uniform light display for your entire yard, use outdoor lighting to create individual light shows with different color schemes and light arrangements.

    With our smart landscape lighting system, you can program individual zones and schedule them to activate simultaneously or at staggered times. For example, you can create a green light zone for holiday decorations on your porch and a red-and-white light zone for a decorative display at the end of your driveway. Even without yard decorations, you can program separate light zones along your property with a few taps. Highlight features such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, decks, and winter gardens.

    Give Your Home a Holiday Glow-Up With Outdoor Lighting From Haven

    Haven Lighting wants your home to have a stunning display this holiday season. Our outdoor lighting captures the joy of Christmas with high-definition color and the ultimate user experience. Best of all, you don’t have to break out the ladder, waste time untangling stubborn lights, or take everything down when the holiday’s over. This year, celebrate the holidays in a Haven home with automated Christmas lights.

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