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    One of the most rewarding moments for a jeweler is to hear their customer look at a piece of jewelry and say, “It’s perfect!” However, the 24-karat smile that lights up someone’s face when they look at a precious stone or metal isn’t easy to come by. Your sourcing needs to be unique and your designs stunning. The most important step, however, is to draw customers toward your business and generate enough interest in your window displays for them to walk in.

    Multi-colored jewelry store exterior lighting enables you to do that and much more. Use Haven Lighting’s commercial building exterior lighting to create a balance of warm and cool light that highlight a gem’s inherent appeal. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your collection, commercial outdoor lights also strengthen a sense of security during or outside of business hours. 

    Haven Lighting’s jewelry store landscape lighting is as multi-faced as a diamond. The 9 Series Pro smart lighting system lets you create light zones for maximum visual appeal, change light color and intensity to add a sense of drama, and schedule light shows to make jewels look even more vibrant beneath waves of shifting light and color.


    Shine Brighter With Haven’s Commercial Exterior Lighting for Jewelry Stores

    Exhibit every sparkling facet of your precious stone collection with high-definition jewelry store exterior lighting from Haven Lighting. To learn more about the revolutionary Haven 9 Series Pro smart building lighting system, contact us today.

    Contact Us to Learn More

    Cloud-Based Control From Anywhere

    The Haven Lighting control system is all cloud-based which allows for remote access to your facilities lighting system from anywhere. The system can be programmed, scheduled and controlled from any device as long as you have internet access. This allows our customers the ultimate flexibility and ease of use whether you are managing a building remotely or are on site. Your ability to control and manage the lighting system is the same.

    Leasing Options

    Haven Lighting offers a variety of options for our customers. We can tailor your lighting system exactly to your needs and requirements. As part of this dedication to customer service, we offer a leasing model that some customers prefer when it comes to their facility outdoor lighting systems. This leasing model offers several advantages over traditional lighting purchases. It offers the following advantages: 

    Tax advantages in some cases
    (expense vs. capital equipment) 

    Cash flow advantages 

    Keeping up with technology
    (when the lease term expires, renewing a new lease gives the opportunity to update any technology that may have come to market since the installation) 

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