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    LED Landscape Lighting

    Why Select LED Landscape Lighting for Your Home’s Exterior?

    Landscape lighting is a great way to jazz up homes, retail spaces, and community features, however, it can seem time-consuming and unnecessary to have to change out bulbs often. Our LED’s have a 30,000 to 50,000 hour lifespan, which removes the need for you to worry about replacing them often.

    LED landscape lighting design includes placing strings of light around a row of bushes, or placing them high up underneath the awning, or suspending them from treetops. While this is a part of the magic of landscape lighting and an integral part of creating a visual treat, placing these lights just where you want them can require time and physical effort. Using long-lasting LED landscape lighting means you’ll put up the lights once, and free up the rest of you and your team’s time.

    If you’d like our team of LED landscape lighting installers to assist you, we will be happy to set up your lights. All you will need to do is enjoy uninterrupted lighting for years to come.

    Why Haven?

    By its nature, landscape lighting bears the brunt of natural elements. Heat and moisture can often result in fused bulbs or cracked lamp shades. At Haven Lighting, we use
    high-quality LED bulbs and elegant, sturdy material such as aluminum and brass for our shades. Not only do these add an element of style to your landscape, but our LED landscape lighting also provides an anti-moisture connection. Rain or shine, your home can always be bright!

    In addition to using high-quality, energy-efficient LED landscape lighting, we also deliver customizable convenience. Connect with the Haven Lighting App to control the brightness, temperature, and schedule of your landscape lighting.

    But wait - there’s more! Haven Lighting’s unique cloud-based systems communicate with Smart Transformers powering each light. This means you can independently control the lighting in different sections of your landscape. Want to create a multi-colored, festive atmosphere? You can do that. Want to create a warm ambiance while accentuating certain features of your home? You can do that too!

    At Haven, we have made LED landscape lighting simple, so you can stop worrying and start enjoying.

    LED Landscape Lighting Adds (the right kind of) Drama

    Whether it’s throwing a warm glow on your walls, illuminating your community’s common areas, or accentuating the features of your retail store, LED landscape lighting adds drama to your building’s exterior. If the building is your stage, LED landscape lighting is the music. It helps tell the story of your space more fully.

    Each of our lights blends form and function. Up lights and down lights can illuminate exterior features and tall trees in your yard. Full burning torches on our tiki lights create an energetic, yet intimate ambiance, especially perfect for entertaining. Our elegant path lights can frame a yard and make it appear larger, while blending in seamlessly with the style of your home. Feature lights and wall sconces can show off beautiful columns, pool enclosures, and are also perfect for lighting up small trees.

    LED landscape lighting from Haven allows not only you, but also your home, to express itself.

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