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    Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights

    Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights For All Events

    If you are planning an intimate evening with your family, or want to host an event at your residential community, or even celebrate a grand opening of a new retail space, outdoor color changing LED lights can be your magic wand!

    Our lighting puts color, temperature, and brightness control in your hands. Whether you want to pick a theme color for a specific event, or change light colors based on the energy levels at your party, Haven Lighting’s outdoor color changing LED lights come in various hues so you can take your event from being ‘pretty good’ to a ‘resounding success.’

    Celebrate Changing Seasons With Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights

    There is a promise that accompanies the changing seasons. Whether you identify as a summer person, a winter sports junkie, a spring romantic, or an autumn lover, the coming of a new season is always a time of excitement, traditions, and plans.

    Outdoor color changing LED lights are a beautiful yet understated way to welcome new seasons. Light up the exterior of your house in multiple colors to welcome spring, go orange with the advent of fall, get into the spirit of winter with cool blues, or go pastel to welcome summer evenings. Outdoor color changing LED lights are a convenient way to deck up your house.

    If you are a business owner or HOA member, why not add a sparkle to the exterior of your buildings with our outdoor color changing LED lights? Ring in Christmas with different shades of green, red, and white. Celebrate Independence Day with blue and red. Add your voice to causes you care for, or light up your space to display your own brand colors. Outdoor color changing LED lights are an impactful way to create a dazzling impression.

    So whether you want to welcome spring earlier or you wish holidays lasted longer, outdoor color changing LED lights are yours to customize.

    Save Time and Do More With Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights

    One of the reasons we may shy away from lighting up the exterior of our buildings is the hassle of it all. Planning the colors to display, installing the lights, assigning someone the responsibility of turning them on and off is a lot of trouble. Not to mention it also takes up a lot of you and your team’s time. Time that could be better spent optimizing your operations, or improving resident experience, or even spending time with your family.

    Outdoor color changing LED lights do away with this fuss. Haven Lighting’s smartphone app puts customization and control at your fingertips. Time the lights to come on at specific times and days, pick classic white LED lighting for everyday, and choose from our hand-selected radiant colors when you want to add a festive touch to your home, business, or community any time of the year. Whether you want to dim the lights or change their brightness, you can do it all from your phone.

    Outdoor Color Changing LED Lights are Perfect for Homes, Neighborhoods, and Retail Spaces

    Adding elegance to your home, increasing the desirability of your neighborhood, or inviting more people to enjoy a city’s retail and entertainment spaces, outdoor color changing LED lights can elevate any exterior.

    So whether you are a private home owner, a HOA member, or a business owner, browse through our collection of customizable and easy-to-use outdoor color changing LED lights to add more spark to every day.

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