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  • Up The Cool Factor With These Pool Enclosure Lighting Trends


    As we’ve become accustomed to spending more time at home, the concept of indoor-outdoor living has also become more popular. You may have found yourself making more investments in your garden, backyard, or patio. 

    Whether it's a gazebo that is an impromptu picnic spot, or an enclosed swimming pool that is your go-to relaxation and party zone, a sheltered outdoor space can often take on different forms and serve varied functions. 

    Pool enclosures are one such place. From a quiet reading spot, to a workout area, to a place where you can host an event, pool enclosures are an excellent home feature. They not only extend the footprint of your property, but they also lengthen the pool season, create a sense of intimacy, and help you remain protected from the elements. 

    Make this outdoor space even more attractive with  pool enclosure lighting. From aesthetics to versatility, these pool enclosure lighting trends will help inspire you. 

    It’s All About Making A Statement — Pool Enclosure Lighting That Speaks Your Style

    From young people making statements through their hobbies to fashionistas choosing to define their styles through smaller brands, the coming years are all about letting your personal taste define you. 

    Your taste may be big and bold, soft and subtle, or somewhere in between. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, you can find pool enclosure lighting that helps you express it. 

    Haven Lighting’s Adjustable White 6W LED Wall Sconce is just one such fixture that you can use to define specific areas around your pool. These sturdy powder-coated aluminum wall sconces can shine light upward, downward, or in both directions. This makes them a great way to create anchor lighting in your pool enclosures. Even better, you don’t have to worry about sticking to a specific color temperature. Use Haven Lighting’s App to adjust between three white temperature options to suit your mood, or the event.

    Own Your Versatility — Full-Color Pool Enclosure Lighting

    pool enclosure lighting

    You may have noticed that minimal home decor is on its way out and unique interior designs that express a homeowner’s versatility are in. This trend of expressing the many shades of our personalities will extend to outdoor lighting. 
    Use this as an opportunity to bring more style to your outdoor spaces. Haven Lighting’s  9 Series Pro Full-Color 6W LED Wall Sconce is an excellent way to add more fun to your pool enclosures, lanais, or pergolas.

    The elegant fitting mounts easily on any wall and throws beautiful light that is the perfect balance between illumination and ambiance. Select from a variety of light colors and temperature options to create themes for your event. If you enjoy playing host, use these fixtures to make your parties an event people will look forward to. 

    The versatility of this type of lanai lighting or pool enclosure lighting doesn’t end at the aesthetic. You can easily control or schedule your lights using Haven Lighting’s  9 Series Pro Smart Transformer and the Pro Mobile app. 

    Merge Function and Aesthetic — Pool Enclosure Lighting For Form and Function

    smart pool enclosure lighting

    As many of us spend more time at home, we expect our gadgets and decor to do more than simply look good. Take working desks for example. There is no denying that more people are investing in them. We don’t just want a desk that we can sit at. We want a desk that can help us be more productive and improve our posture. We want good-looking desks that help us do more. 

    Similarly, when you are thinking of your outdoor lighting, consider not only how a setup will look, but also how it will serve a practical purpose. Haven Lighting’s  Full-Color LED Deck Post Light is an example of a lighting fixture that is a perfect blend of function and aesthetics. 

    If you are thinking of a lanai lighting design, these deck post lights make for sleek indicator lights while their beam creates a relaxed mood. You can also use them as a part of your pool enclosure lighting by placing them at intervals along your pool’s periphery. Or, you may also consider mounting them along your pool enclosure’s beams. 

    Elegant, Smart Pool Enclosure Lighting

    At Haven Lighting, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of smart outdoor lighting. Our product and technology innovation has led us to design and build pool enclosure lighting that does more than just illuminate your outdoor space. We believe lighting is an important element of home design, one that enables you to express yourself. See  our collection of pool enclosure lighting fixtures that are designed to look good and operate smoothly.


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