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  • 9 Series Pro Full Color 6W Bourbon Brass Core Drill / Well Lights


      Haven Lighting leads the way in color changing outdoor lighting solutions. In the spirit of innovation, we have developed a one-of-a-kind full color core drill light (also known as well light or paver light) perfect for any hardscaping project. The 9 Series Pro Full Color 6W Core Drill / Well Lights come in a beautiful bourbon brass finish. The electronics in these lights are the same as our best-selling 3-inch full color up lights assuring Haven's outstanding quality and reliability. These paver lights are perfect for adding an accent to driveways, and pathways, and also to illuminate taller features such as columns and trees.

      Voltage 12V – 15V AC
      Wattage 6W
      Max Voltage 15V AC
      Brightness 10 Levels
      Full Color Options 32 Colors
      Classic White Color Temperature 8 Temperatures
      Transformer 9 Series Pro Smart Transformer required (sold separately)

    • IN THE BOX
      1 x 9 Series Pro Full Color 6W Bourbon Brass Core Drill / Well Light
    • Haven’s core lights pull double-duty, serving as both a core drill light by removing the sleeve and well light. You can also easily adjust the beam spread on-site by selecting from the four lenses we include in the pack. We also include a spring clip in your order so if you want to mount this color changing landscape lighting fixture in a friction-fit hole you can easily do that. Our products communicate over the power line vs communicating wirelessly. This ensures that your color changing landscape lighting works without hindrance from underground. These core drill lights are perfect for commercial and residential applications adding brightness and color changing outdoor lighting elegance to your landscape.

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