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    Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    Create Moods With Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    Lighting has this special ability that other garden accents don’t. It has the power to completely transform the exterior of your home, community, or business.

    Outdoor landscape lighting such as path lights can be used alongside stairs, or they can be scattered throughout the property to add an element of wonder and charm. Up lighting can create a wall wash, painting buildings with understated elegance and accentuating aspects of landscaping.

    If you are a HOA member hoping to use a community space for an event, or a property manager planning to host a party for your residents, outdoor landscape lighting is the perfect way to set a festive mood. For business owners who operate out of a retail space, outdoor landscape lighting is a convenient and stylish way to make your store attractive to passers-by.

    If you are a homeowner, who wants to create the feeling of being in a restaurant, or a poolside party without actually having to leave your home, you can set the stage and create the ambiance you want with outdoor landscape lighting.

    Go elegant, moody, or funky with our full-color LED lighting options. Our outdoor landscape lights are easily controlled with the Haven Lighting App so all you need to think about is the mood you’ll create today!

    Spend More Time Outside With Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    Do you sometimes find yourself relaxing poolside at your apartment community not really wanting to go back inside even though the sun may have set? The sound of your kids splashing around in the pool with their friends and the sight of the downtown coming to life in the evening can be invigorating. Tastefully installed outdoor landscape lighting lets you linger outside for as long as you like.

    From path lights that guide residents around a residential community, to bistro lighting in restaurants that encourages guests to enjoy their meal outdoors, to twinkling lights on tree tops around a community, outdoor landscape lighting empowers us to enjoy our outdoor spaces for longer. So go on and invite your friends, let the kids play a little longer, plan a community game night, or simply sit back and enjoy the evening. Haven outdoor landscape lighting will bring your building and your plans to life.

    Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designed for Work and Play

    At Haven Lighting, we take pride in combining aesthetics with function. This is why we design outdoor landscape lighting that is gorgeous enough to draw gasps of appreciation, but hard-working enough for you to rely on. Easily replaceable bulbs, anti-moisture connections, flexible beam control, and brass or aluminum finish, our lights come with features that look good and work flawlessly.

    In our quest to deliver the best lighting experience to you, all our outdoor landscape lighting can also be controlled through the Haven Lighting mobile app. Schedule your lights to go on at specific times and dates, control brightness and color, and even receive automatic feature upgrades that ensure you always have the latest in lighting technology.

    At Haven Lighting we don’t just deliver outdoor landscape lighting. We deliver smart outdoor landscape lighting. Fully-customizable, convenient, and stylish.

    Are you ready to get started on your landscape lighting project?

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